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Friday Night Suppers

Next Friday Night Supper: 

October 7th!

Don’t miss our Friday Night Ukrainian Suppers (Perogy Night in Vancouver) held on the first Friday of the month from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm at our Centre at 154 E. 10th Ave, Vancouver. Since the fall of 1995, we have been offering a delicious selection of Ukrainian foods prepared fresh by the wonderful volunteers of our Parish. 

There is usually a line up of our hungry patrons, so coming early is highly reccomended!



(served with rye bread)


















PIECE OF SAUSAGE DESSERT                   
SOFT DRINK             




1 L Borsch


1 Doz. Pyrohy


2 Doz. Pyrohy


10 Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls


Ring of Sausage


These suppers are the main fundraiser for our Parish and would not be possible if it was not for our dedicated volunteers.  They come on a regular basis to make pyrohy and the day of the dinner arrive early and stay late doing tasks from food preparation, cooking, serving and clean-up. 

In The News! 

Our dinners have become a monthly event for many of our customers who come with their friends to socialize and enjoy a delicious dinner.  We have been featured in many local papers such as the Province and Georgia Straight for the Best Cabbage Rolls and Best Budget Eats, as well as being able to find Heaven in a Plate of Perogies.  The followng is a link to one of the articles from Beyond Robson.

Our dinners were also featured on CBC's Living Vancouver, a local half hour show focused on life in the lower mainland. Watch the video here - Perogy Night.

Check out the Vancouver Sun's Westcoast Life section where Mia Stainnsby highlighted our Friday Night Suppers in the Restaurant Listings, Priest Pinches Perogies for Church.

What Are Varenyky, Holubtsi, Borsch, Kovbasa?

Varenyky, or Pyrohy or Perogies
Varenyky (or pyrohy or perogies) are dough pockets filled with potato, or potato and cheddar cheese, or kapusta (sauerkraut), or cottage cheese, or blueberries, or cherries. Ukrainian varenyky are boiled and resemble to various degrees Polish pierogi, Russian pilmeni, Italian ravioli, Jewish kreplach, or Chinese wonton. Varenyky are very are often served with onions and sour cream. Mmmmm. 

Holubtsi or Cabbage Rolls
Holubtsi are Ukrainian cabbage rolls. The filling is mainly rice with a small amount of dill and other ingredients. Cabbage leaves are steamed to make them soft and then the filling is added. The holubtsi are placed in a large pot, covered with tomato soup (or sauce) and baked.

Borsch is Ukrainian beet soup.

Kovbasa is smoked Ukrainian ham sausage. 

See you next month!